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Rocking Horse Dog Bed

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Give your pup their best night's sleep with our soft & comfortable Rocking Horse Dog Bed!

Improve your own sleep by giving your best friend a quality place to get some deep sleep!

  • ✅  Generously Packed - Densley packed with soft and comfortable cotton filling, to ensure that your furry friend is always comfortable and has a sufficient level of support when they lay their head to rest.

  • ✅  Non-Slip Base - Ensure your dog doesn't wake up to any nasty surprises thanks to the non-slip base on our Rocking Horse Dog Bed!

  • ✅  Luxuriously Soft Fabric - Our Rocking Horse Dog Bed is made out of our Arctic Velvet fabric which provides a comfortable and warm place for your pup to rest and recover. 

Why do you need this?

Just like us humans, it is imperative that our pets get a good night's sleep! This gives them time for their bodies to heal, and a dog wi

Did you know?

  • Adult dogs require 12-14 hours of sleep on average (that's up to 6 hours more than us humans, meaning that if your dog's sleep cycle is aligned with your own, then they need to make up an additional 4-6 hours in the day!)

  • Dogs that are deprived of sleep experience weakened immune systems and are therefore more prone to illness and serious conditions.

  • Lack of sleep can seriously affect the mood of your beloved dog.

Size Guide 

Size Length Width Height
S 45cm 35cm 15cm
M 50cm 40cm 15cm
L 55cm 45cm 15cm
XL 70cm 50cm 15cm
XXL 80cm 70cm 15cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Phillip Saunders

Very happy with my purchase, the dog absolutely adores it! The quality of the bed is pretty solid, the bedding is firm and provides a good amount of padding, I recommend!

Ashley Reynolds

Good quality dog bed with an awesome design on it, I'd highly recommend it! The padding is quite good, it's nothing extensive, but it is quite soft and my dog seems to enjoy it!

Douglas Walsh

Saw the design of this dog bed and just had to buy it! It's so unique, my pup absolutely adores it, it is slightly on the smaller side so I would definitely check the measurements and maybe order a larger size than you think you need, but I can't fault the product itself.

Oliver Brooks

Very good bed!

Henry Atkinson

The bed is very comfortable and my little dog loved it but it doesn't fit :( shipping and arrival has been very fast. The only bad thing was the size. I'll leave it for my cat, ask for another one for my little pup.