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Bone Decor Luxury Dog Bed

Original price £16.99 - Original price £52.99
Original price
£16.99 - £52.99
Current price £16.99
Colour: Black
Size: XXS

Give your best friend a soft, warm & comfortable place to lay their head to rest with our Bone Decor Luxury Dog Bed!

  • ✅  Machine Washable - The cover can be easily removed and is fully machine washable ensuring that your little pup has always got the freshest bedding & allows this luxury dog bed to last you for years to come!

  • ✅  Comfortable & Suitable For All Seasons - Made with super-soft and comfortable cushioned fabric ensures that this dog bed is suitable all year round, providing enough warmth in the winter and being nice and cool in the summer.

  • ✅  Super Bite & Claw Resistant - Does your dog like to bite? This is the dog bed for them, produced from strong materials to provide a strong level of bite resistance, ensuring a longer product lifespan.

  • ✅  High Resilience Cotton - Produced from high-quality cotton, providing a super comfortable spot for your dog to rest.

Why do you need this?

Just like us humans, it is imperative that our pets get a good night's sleep! This gives them time for their bodies to heal.

Did you know?

  • Adult dogs require 12-14 hours of sleep on average (that's up to 6 hours more than us humans, meaning that if your dog's sleep cycle is aligned with your own, then they need to make up an additional 4-6 hours in the day!)

  • Dogs that are deprived of sleep experience weakened immune systems and are therefore more prone to illness and serious conditions.

  • Lack of sleep can seriously affect the mood of your beloved dog.

Size Guide 

Size Length Width Height Recommended Pet Weight
XS 45cm 30cm 15cm Under 1.5kg
S 50cm 40cm 15cm Under 2.5kg
M 60cm 45cm 15cm Under 5kg
L 70cm 55cm 15cm Under 12.5kg
XL 80cm 65cm 15cm Under 22.5kg
XXL 90cm 75cm 15cm Under 35kg

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